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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 11, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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god bless the united states of america. ♪ ♪ a new document dump by the white house on that half billion dollar taxpayer loan it gave to solyndra, now failed energy company. we'll show you the latest paperwork on that. plus, a legendary exfootball coach lawyers up at penn state over the child abuse sex scandal. my heart aches for victims and their families. >> it's not just penn state's problem anymore. we'll see why the scandal could be spreading to texas. plus, the accused pedophile on his charity work with children. >> opportunity to throw out a rope to some kids. >> tonight, the newly surfaced sandersosandusky interview.
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the government fast and furious gun sting caused headaches for officials. now one family in a rare interview saying it cost them their son. >> if they didn't let the gun drop maybe brian would haven't been in the desert. >> the parent say these men are not coming clean. >> they're liars. they never apologized. >> tonight, anger and outrage over operation fast and furious. >> i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith. we begin with new developments in the child abuse sex scandal. the football game about to play the first game since the scandal broke and the university took action against another coach. several hours ago, penn state interim president saying assistant coach mike mcquary is now on administrative leave. the school announcing earlier
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mcqueary would miss tomorrow's game because of what it called multiple threats against him. critics blaming mcqueary for not doing more after he said he witnessed former defensive coordinator sandusky assaulting a young boy in the locker room showers. sandusky accused of molesting eight boys many say he met through a charity he founded. now an interview surfaced in which sandusky talks about his work with children. >> it's been an opportunity, it's an opportunity for me to have been touched by great people who vollen tire their time and energy -- volunteer their time and energy and opportunity to see young people overcome challenges in their life and lead a life of excellence. opportunity to throw out a rope to some kids. if they grab hold they can be champions. >> also developing in the story, texas is now in the mix. as charges against sandusky could come in that state next.
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police in san antonio investigate what happened when penn state came for the alamo bowl. one of the victims alleging to be on the trip with him. that was sandusky's last game before retirement and the scandal did not come to light for another 12 long years. our david lee miller with a news live in state college, pennsylvania. david lee, what more do we know about the latest disciplinary action taken against that assistant coach? >> according to a published report we cannot confirm, mcqueary had a conference call with the players this evening and he told them he is in "protective custody" at secret location and not at state college. on the phone he said, "i wanted to let you know i'm not your coach anymore. i'm done." those were his words. the school president who made the decision was the athletic director says mcqueary is still going to get a paycheck but he would not elaborate why mcqueary was placed on administrative leave at this
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time. >> it became clear that coach mcqueary could not function in this role under these circumstances. >> in another development a short time ago, coach joe paterno and his wife emerged from their home to greet students e we're now getting confirmation from the family that coach paterno after rumors have circulated has now in fact hired an attorney. harris? >> it's been an exclusive week of news on the story. we saw a lot of reaction among students. near riot conditions when the legendary head coach joe paterno you showed us outside his home was let go this week. what is if mood now at the school? >> the best way to describe it, a great deal of unease here on the campus. days now after the rioting took place, they are beefing up security. in preparation for the last home game of the season against nebraska.
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the school president had this word of caution. >> there will be significant attention to the conduct of the crowd attending tomorrow's game. is it my sincere hope that all member of the community and guests will conduct itself in a way to reflect our collective values, before, during and after the game. >> underscoring how intense the situation can be there is a report that someone threw cinder block through the home of accused pedophile sandusky. tonight on the campus instead of a pep rally they were scheduled for tomorrow's game, instead they will have a candlelight vigil for the alleged victims of sexual abuse. harris? >> david lee miller, thank you very much. for the first time we are hearing from a relative of one of sandusky's alleged victim.
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we hear what she says the coach did to her son coming up inside "the fox report." ♪ >> fox news is america's election headquarters. two new polls showing three-way dead heat. with a new candidate jumping in the top tier now. newt gingrich in a statistical tie for front -- with front runners herman cain and mitt romney according to a new cbs news survey. former house speaker in second place in a new mcclatchy marist poll but that is also statistical tossup. now gingrich opening up a campaign office in the first primary state. molly line live in engler with d with the latest on this. i understand he is in new hampshire tonight. >> he is opening up the headquarters in manchester. he spent a lot of time in new hampshire. something you have to do to win in that state. not just opening the headquarters there but taking time to shake hands and talk about the recent surge.
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and where he thinks that success is coming from. take a listen. >> people want substance. this is real. this isn't politics. gradually, i'm getting more and more rewarded for having a serious, substantive approach to how do we govern america. >> people like to have the down home talks in new hampshire. that is what he has spent time doing. >> another item making news today among candidates is businessman herman cain trying to explain a comment he made about anita hill yesterday. >> absolutely. quick recap. we saw this week there were allegations he sexually harassed women several years ago. he was in michigan at a meet and greet and someone brought up the name anita hill. here is what happened. >> the latest news today, anita hill is going to come.
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>> is he going to endorse me? >> he got heat for that and addressed it on "cavuto" today. here is what he said today. >> i found the comment from one of the attendees to be hilarious. my response to the question is she going to endorse me? that was funny. that was hilarious. i would never expect her to endorse me. they got a laugh out of it, i got a laugh out of it. >> sticking by his sense of humor there. harris? >> all right, well, i understand that there is another debate coming up. yet another key early primary state. >> right. exactly. this is in south carolina tomorrow night. expected to focus on foreign policy on national security. it will give the candidate a chance to shift the focus away from the accusations, away from the gaffe of the past week. it will be interesting to see what happens on saturday night. >> molly line reporting for
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us. thank you. warning from the treasury secretary tim geithner to europe. he is saying europe is not doing enough to fix the financial problems. he said if european leaders don't make moves we'll all pay the price. plus, a country located close to iran reportedly ready to begin stocking up on bunker busting bombs. is there a war plan in the works? you're watching the most power of name in news. you know it. fox. i habe a cohd. yeah, i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth! and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be.
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>> harris: stocks ending this week of whiplash on a positive note. the dow erasing huge losses ending up 200 points. nasdaq climbing 54. and s&p climbing 24. this is as investors are working closer to forming new government in italy and
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greece. the italy senate passed new cutback to clear the path for silvio berlusconi to step down and we are told that could happen this weekend. the stock indiamondbacks jumping 4% on news of that. there is hope it will get the debt crisis under control. today tim geithner warns the problems in europe are the biggest challenge to growth worldwide. fox business network gerri willis is here to tell us what is going on with this. >> here is what is interesting today. you saw the markets trade higher through a critical 12,000 mark for the dow. that is good news. not everybody is reading it positively. the vice chair says that the disruptions impact our economy. so we could still feel more impact in our economy from europe. >> harris: okay, so italy, though, just to get back to them for a moment because we could, as i said, see their premier, berlusconi step aside. but they face another test on coming monday. when the markets open up, as
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we are sleeping on sunday night, when we wake up on monday, what will happen? >> here is what is going to happen. italy will issue more debt. $3 billion euro of debt. the thing that will set it to free fall is they will pay more than 7% for the debt. we have don't think it will happen but it's something to watch. >> harris: that would mean they couldn't pay it. >> unsustainable debt to pay debt at 7% for government. >> the former new jersey governor jon corzine headed up a company called ms global. we saw him step away. now more fall-out. now more fall-out. the company is in bankruptcy. 1,066 people losing their jobs ahead of christmas and the holiday season. not got news there. i want to read you a quick comment from one of the employees who said he placed bets with people's lives. they are not happy. some of the heard by television that they were losing their jobs. >> harris: oh. when you say "he" you mean jon
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corzine. >> yes, i do. jon corzine. people are angry at the former boss and say he gambled with people's money. they don't appreciate it. one interesting thing here because they let everybody go, there were forensic investigators coming in to try to find that $600 million missing. little be harder to find now, there is nobody to talk to. >> harris: wow! excellent point. good to see you. >> you, too. >> harris: thank you very much. of course, gerri willis part of the best team in business. catch her show "the willis report" every weekday at 5:00 p.m. eastern on fox business network. it looks like washington is making move to arm persian gulf neighbor. "wall street journal" own by the parent company of this network reporting the obama administration planning a major arms sale to the united arab emirates. journal reporting that the deal includes thousands of bunker busting bombs. the bombs can penetrate bunkers an tunnels where iran could be developing nuclear weapons. a report concluded iran is
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working on technologies that the company would need to build a nuclear bomb. today, word of a warning from iran envoy to that agency. he says if anybody dare attack iran, iran would respond immediately. the white house releasing more e-mails tonight about solyndra. lawmakers investigating what officials knew about that now bankrupt solar panel company finances before giving it a half-billion dollars of taxpayer money. live update coming up. plus, a new turn in the search for baby lisa. did you know that today would have been her first birthday? we are hearing now conflicting reports about whether police consider her parents suspects. that is coming up. stay close.
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>> harris: more than 24 hours after letting subpoena deadline pass, the white house releasing more e-mails about solyndra. the solar company filed for bankruptcy after getting more than a half-billion dollars in government loan guarantees. house rans now investigating what officials knew about the company financial situation and when exactly they knew it. our ed henry is traveling with the president in san diego. what are we learning about the e-mails? >> reporter: well, harris, it's interesting. the white house says look, even though they missed the subpoena deadline, they will turn over the documents. there is no smoking gun in the new e-mails we're seeing tonight on solyndra. the important thing may be what the white house is not turning over something the committee wants, basically private deliberations inside the white house about the solyndra loan being restructured. you will remember before it went bankrupt it was
7:21 pm
restructured so taxpayers moved to the back of the line. investors moved to the front of the line to get the money in case of a bankruptcy. bottom line is the white house says that is too much getting in the private deliberations of the executive branch. they won't turn them over but they will let the republicans look at them behind closed doors. not get copies of them. show them the white house believes there is nothing damaging in there. the bottom line no smoking gun but republicans demanding more documents. >> harris: you can't have two bottom lines but i am going to ask you about the aircraft carrier behind you. there is a basketball game. >> this is hard to miss. uss carl vinson. significant by the way, because this is the aircraft
7:22 pm
carrier that buried usama bin laden at sea. the president is here and he made brief remarks. there is 7,000 fans and they put basketball court on the carrier. north carolina against michigan state. about to tip off. the president mentioned bin laden but he also mentioned the senate passed a bill to help unemployed veterans and the house is expected to act next week. he did not mention the refrain on the road, pass the bill now. but maybe now they're about to tip off he could say pass the ball now. >> harris: very nice! we were showing video while you were talking. that was impressive. wow! so great to see that. >> they are worried about rain tonight. it's open air and they are worried about the rain. they have 7,000 fans. they had a plan "b" where it could go to a lower deck if it rained but won't fit because of the president security and other things. if it rains out here, right now it looks good. if it rains they have to cancel the game. >> harris: we'll keep our fingers crossed. thank you so much. good to see you. before leaving washington,
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america honored heroes on the day laming a wreath at the tomb of the unknown at arlington national cemetery and calling on americans to honor americans coming back from iraq and afghanistan for giving them jobs. >> this will be a season of homecomings. over the five years, more than 1 million americans in uniform will transition back to civilian life, joining 3 million who have done on in the past decade and embraced a proud new role. the role of veterans. >> of course, we heard ed henry reporting a little bit of this. just yesterday, the senate passed a bill to give companies tax credit for hiring unemployed veterans. ♪ ♪ >> harris: this was special to see. here in new york city, 25,000 people taking part in the veterans day parade on fifth avenue. among them more than two dozen active units from all branches of the military.
7:24 pm
organizers saying medal of honor recipients here were also there rather, including dakota meyer, the first living u.s. marine to get the honor in four decades. 94-year-old nicholas aresco, the nation's oldest living medal honor recipient. well, the penn state sex abuse scandal cost a coaching giant and university president their jobs. a mom stepping forward saying it cost her, her son and so much more. you hear from her straight ahead. plus. ♪ [ screaming ] >> police in oakland with a warning, rally at your own risk. the deadly crime that haddock pie protesters panicking this fox report on veterans day. emily's just starting out... and on a budget.
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7:29 pm
irwin holding a news conference saying the police consider them suspects. >> do you think the police consider them suspects? >> absolutely -- they told us as much. >> what have they told them? >> just what you said. debbie in particular. >> can you explain? >> i'm not at liberty to get into that. that is the tenor of what is going on here. >> harris: i was covering the story earlier when it broke. it reached out the kansas city police department and they told me they have not named anyone a suspect, including baby's parents so con flection on this. more than 30 days now since that baby vanished. somehow. police outside seattle saying they have taken the car at the center of a young boy's disappearance there for a test drive. they reported it drove fine for them. no signs of mechanical trouble, no need to put in more gasoline. that contradicts the mom's story. you may recall. that mother says she left her 2-year-old sky alone in the unlocked car for more than an hour because it had run out of gas and she needed to walk to
7:30 pm
a chevron. five days have passed and still no sign of sky. his mom refusing a lie detector test and according to court documents her estranged husband says she confessed to having dreams of killing her children. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shep. this is "the fox report." bottom of the hour, time for top of the news. mom of one of the penn state child sex abuse victims now speaking out what about her child went through. she says her son met accused pedophile jerry sandusky through the children's charity he found and says for a long time, her son lived in fear of taking action against the assistant coach. "the fox report" chief correspondent jonathan hunt live in the newsroom on this. this mom talked about the first time she sat down with her son to talk about incident. >> just imagine the pain of that conversation on both sides. the mother of a young son finding out that her son had allegedly been sexually abused in the most horrific fashion
7:31 pm
imaginable by a man who at that point was well respected. and powerful within their local community. the woman is the mother of victim one, how the boy is identified in court documents talked today to abc "good morning america." her own voice and face disguiseed for obvious reasons. listen. >> i had said, you know, maybe we should have, you know, come to the conclusion earlier. you should have told me. he was like well, you know, he said i didn't know what to do. i didn't know what to do. you just can't tell jerry no. >> he felt stuck. he is just a little kid. >> yeah. >> you just can't tell jerry no is what that mother says her son told her. impossible to imagine the fear and intimidation that that little boy felt at the time, harris. >> harris: so far, jonathan,
7:32 pm
we know of confirmed eight children in this whole thing. i understand that their families are now weighing all of their legal options. >> yeah. there is a local attorney who is representing some of the families involved this appalling sexual abuse scandals. the families obviously have the option to take civil action at some point against jerry sandusky. also against penn state itself. but that will probably have to come after the criminal case plays out. the mother of victim one also told abc's "good morning america" she is absolutely certain what she wants to see happen to jerry sandusky. listen. >> i want justice. i want him, i want him to be locked up. there is no, there is no help for somebody that does this. he needs to be put away for a long time.
7:33 pm
>> for the iconic coach joe paterno, the mother says she believes while he did do what was perhaps legally necessary, he absolutely failed her son and the other alleged victims in a moral sense. harris? >> harris: jonathan hunt, thank you very much. a show of support for penn state despite the scandal. former psu football player organizing other former players to stand on the sidelines tomorrow. it will be the nittany lions' last home game of the year and their first game in 45 years without jo paterno -- joe paterno as a head coach. but they may have lost more than that. a recruit is decommitting from penn state. he will be considering other options. there has been a deadly shooting outside the site of the occupy oakland demonstrations and it has city leaders saying it's time for the protesters to pack up. [ screaming ] >> harris: gunfire spreading panic through hundreds of
7:34 pm
demonstrators yesterday. police saying one man is dead after a confrontation between two groups. witnesses saying it started with a fistfight. [ sirens ] >> harris: police arrived at the plaza in front of the oakland city hall, some people in the crowd turned violent, while emergency crews were trying to help the dying victims. >> we heard the pop, pop, pop. we listened for breathing to find out if there were breathing. we couldn't find any breathing. we tried to find a pulse. >> harris: occupy organizers quick to say the shooting was not related to demonstrations but oakland's mayor saying, "it's time for encampment to end. camping is a tactic, not a solution." this comes after several violent clashes between occupy oakland protesters and police, one of which you may know left an iraq war veteran in a hospital with a fractured skull. claudia cowen with the news from the bay area newsroom. late word today. police issued a warning to the protesters.
7:35 pm
>> they have. telling people if they visit the occupy encampment across from oakland city hall, they do so at their own risk. this comes in an open letter to the protesters from the union that represent oakland rank and file police and says, "with last night's homicide in broad daylight, in the middle of rush hour, frank ogawa plaza is no longer safe. please leave peacefully so we can get officers back to work fighting crime in oakland neighborhoods." but no one is going anywhere. in fact, the encampment is growing. tensions are, too. the mayor says that the city is planning another crackdown. so harris, it is going to happen. we just don't know when. >> harris: the media are on hand. that is how we have all the video and pictures. i understand some of the media ended up in the middle of the chaos. >> that is right, harris. in fact, a simmering anti-media sentiment really boiled over last night. when one of the local cameraman out there filming the growing tensions out there, he tried to film the pandemonium and he got punched
7:36 pm
in the head. moments later, another cameraman was assaulted as well. indication that the occupiers don't want any more negative media coverage. for weeks now, business leaders have been calling the 24-hour demonstration an economic disaster. now they say things will only get worse if visitors and merchants have to fear for their lives. back to you. >> harris: claudia cowen, thank you for the latest on that situation. in major league baseball news, washington national fans are praying for the safe return of their team starting catcher. as officials try to track down his kidnappers. a live report with the latest on that. but first, the family of a murdered border patrol agent blaming top u.s. officials for their son's death. it is the latest fall-out over fast and furious. that's next. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie.
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>> harris: the parents of a murdered u.s. border patrol agent now speaking out. and blaming the u.s. government for his death. their son, agent brian terry
7:40 pm
died in a shoot-out last year near the mexico border. officials saying they found guns at the scene that are linked to the federal weapons sting known as "fast and furious." that program allowed suspect drug-runners to buy guns in order to track them to ca cartel leaders but officials say the feds lost track of many of the weapons. this week, attorney general eric holder acknowledged there were mistakes but said it's not fair to assume they led to agent terry's death. but the terry family strongly disagreeing, now calling on holder to step down. william la jeunesse now live from phoenix, arizona. what is the latest? >> reporter: well, harris, from the very beginning, the terry family has not got an straight answer. from the f.b.i., homeland security, or the department of justice. so now they are speaking out on their son's behalf so the investigation does not end, that justice is served. >> i'm still on a facebook, because i was his friend. i look to see the people role
7:41 pm
and i look at his video. like a little bit of closure. he's still with me. >> i have trouble with going to the cemetery. he isn't supposed to be there. >> the terrys laid their son brian to rest almost a year ago, victim they say of a government program that armed mexico's largest cartel. >> i can not be expected to know details of every operation. >> attorney general eric holder and chief deputy brewer claim ignorance about the operation. the terrys don't buy it. >> i know they're lying. i know they're lying. i know they're lying. they are nothing but liars. >> tuesday, lawmakers asked if holder wanted to apologize. he declined saying only. >> i certainly regret what happened. >> i bet if he lost his son, he would think different. >> holder has since said he is sorry. and while the murder weapons are linked to fast and furious, holder claims the operation did not directly lead to the agent's death. >> well, i disagree with that. i think they are.
7:42 pm
brand new ak-47s they recovered. >> if they would have never let the guns walk, maybe brian would have never been out in the desert. >> the family believes that if officials had done their job, they would have ended this operation soon after guns started showing up at crime scene in mexico and the u.s. they want those responsible held accountable. that ultimately means a wrongful death claim against the federal government and harris, probably a lawsuit. >> harris: back to you. so much pain on the voices and the faces of those parents. thank you very much. two days and no sign yet of a kidnapped major league baseball player. but police say they are confident they will solve the case. still no word of any demands or ransom of the kidnappers. wilson ramos, catcher for the washington nationals returned home to venezuela after his rookie season. witnesses saying gunman stormed the venezuela home of ramos' mom, wednesday night and threw him in to their stolen suv. investigators found that abandoned vehicle yesterday. a government minister now
7:43 pm
saying officials are working 24 hours a day on the case. keep in mind, this is just one of hundreds of kidnappings that happen every year in venezuela, a country with one of the highest murder rates in latin america. let's go now to our phil keating live in the south florida newsroom with more on this tonight. phil, do investigators think this is the work of one of the venezuela's powerful gangs? >> reporter: they do believe this is the work of certainly an experienced extortion gang. due to the sophistication of planning of the ramos kidnapping. but to counter that more than 300 police and national guardsmen have flooded venezuela region with 80 specially trained and highly armed anti-kidnapping brigade. second vehicle has now been linked to the kidnappers according to local papers and several surprise reads on possible safe houses this morning failed to produce the kidnappers or ramos. they came up empty. >> harris: well, you've got international then people looking in to this. you have international prayers
7:44 pm
for this ball player. >> ramos is a rising star with the washington nationals and made a great impression among fans this season. the past season as rookie season. tonight outside of the stadium in d.c., a number of fans brave the cold holding a candlelight vigile for his release. >> he is all by himself and he is alone and he is scared. does ramos know that we all love him so much and we're thinking about him? maybe this is the best way to show that. >> reporter: ramos' talkmate on the venezuela auraga tigers put their hands over their heart in tribute. and major league baseball representative met with the parents in venezuela at the home where he was kidnapped offering the league support. harris? >> harris: phil, thank you. israeli soldier opened fire on a car and killed a jewish settleer. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. ♪ ♪ >> harris: west bank. israeli army officials saying the driver was a rabbi on his
7:45 pm
way to morning prayers but they say he was driving in a "fast and suspicious way." when he ignored ord to stop, soldiers began shooting. two passengers were hurt in the confusion. turkey: just released surveillance video showing the moment wednesday's deadly earthquake hit an eastern city. you see dozens of people running in the streets seconds before an entire building crumbles to the ground. at least seven people dead just a couple of weeks after another major quake in that same area killed at least 600 people. colombia: student protesters marching by the thousands. [ chanting ] clogging up the capital city of bow ge the to fight -- bogota to fight education they say will lead to privatized system. government officials say the measures will expand higher education. united arab emirates: it's international jewelry week in dubai. the largest event of its kind
7:46 pm
in the middle east. organizers expecting more than 100,000 people to hit the sparkly showcases featuring jewelers from 25 countries. visitors can also check this out. one of the world's only atms that gives out gold instead of paper money. that is a wrap on the fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> announcer: "around the world" sponsored by verizon 4ge. the fastest most reliable 4g network. >> harris: thank you to the veterans in a big way. how some of the service members are coming home to brand new digs. congratulations.
7:47 pm
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>> harris: fox news is honoring our men and women in
7:50 pm
uniform on this veterans day. and a group is that builds homing for severely injured veterans donating six of those houses today. the organization homes for our troops custom designs them to meet each person's needs. and they are beautiful. then it works with the veterans administration to give them away at no cost. kris gutierrez live in el paso, texas, ooze one of the houses that just got donated. kris? >> reporter: they are beautiful, harris. this is a four-bedroom, 270-square foot home donated to a very deserving soldier by the group called homes for our troops. now, former marine daniel ghastca and his family received the keys to their brand new house just last night. he is a husband, and a father. he's also a double amputee who lost both of his legs while serving in fallujah, iraq in 2008. he and his fellow marines were hit with an i.e.d. out on patrol there. here is how he described his new home. >> this is my little mention. it's my place.
7:51 pm
it's not only my family's, my wife and my kids. a place where i can see my kids grow up in this house and bring independence back, go in the kitchen, go in the closet, go in my kids' room which i couldn't do before in my wheelchair. >> keep in mind, homes in the market are rarely if ever handicap accessible. homes for our troops actually builds houses with wider door frames for example, larger showers, lower counter tops, simple things to make it easier to move around in a wheelchair. >> somebody like daniel needs a place that is really for him. you know, again, he fought for our freedom and independence. this is a way to give it back to him. >> we should point out that homes for our troops gets donations to make it possible to build homes like this. back to you. >> harris: wow, what a story. kris, thank you very much. ♪ ♪
7:52 pm
>> harris: the right to freedom now. our ongoing look at the rebuilding of the world trade center site. tonight, unveiling sculpture, to those who served in the days after the september 11 attacks. specifically, special forces forces the first to ride if combat on horseback in more than 50 years. the 34 commandos known as the "killer elite" in first week of the war they lead the freedom fighters through the alps of afghanistan with a single mission, take down the taliban. >> green berets i worked with said it looked like something from "lawrence of arabia." they saw a cavalry charge. the image, it's from that mission. but it's, it typifies adaptability and the courage. resourcefulness of all the special operations groups. >> harris: the hardist embedded a piece of steel from the twin towers in the sculpture's base and encybed with the words "america's response team." powerful reminder of all who
7:53 pm
volunteer to serve. and for more stories from our rise to fry dom series go to our website a day that comes once a century and it did wonders for lottery sales and commitments. when you have so in the number repeated, some of the many ways that the world celebrated 11-11-11. plus, a cat tests out the climbing skills on a cactus. 30 feet in the air. how did it get down? that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average.
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and even better for your customers. ♪ for safe and secure ways to stay connected, visit >> you're watching the fox report from fox newschannel. foreign diplomats and libyans today in the capitol city of tripply to attend a remembrance day ceremony in anality wlied war cemetery. they laid poppy wreaths to honor
7:57 pm
soldiers who died in both world wars. today's observance, the first since that country's civil war, that ended in the death of the one-time dictator muammar al-qaddafi. some cats like to climb trees and others are destined to be different. this one kitty climbed a cactus in arizona -- ouch! northeast of meza. somebody spotted the kitty 30 to 40 feet in the air and you have to bring out the television news choppers, it is want every day you see a cat up a cactus. shortly thereafter, i'm telling you, that's gotta hurt, the chopper arrived, getting the shot. the kitty started to claw its way to the ground. last we saw, it was wandering around the sand. you know, my family is in arizona, my in-laws. vinever seen a cat up a cactus. i have to ask them about that. today is the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year of the millennium.
7:58 pm
what does that mean? depends who you ask. for some, it's a lucky combination. for others it has something to do with the apocalypse. in china, train 11-11 departed at 11:11 a.m. on the number 11 line. some tied the knot, nothing says love like 11. the county clerk in vegas prepared for an onslaught. in egypt, the largest of the great pyramids was closed for business, after rumors that certain groups would try to hold spiritual ceremony there is. but officials saying, no, it was closed for maintenance. updating our top stories. stocks soaring on news that italy and greece are starting to take new steps to contain their massive debt trouble. the wall street firm that collapsed after european debt, mf global, has fired all employees, more than 1,000 people. and a new poll shows former house speaker newt gingrich in a
7:59 pm
statistic three-way tie with herman cain and former massachusetts governor mitt romney. it is a major shift in the republican presidential nomination race for gingrich, who had been polling near the bottom of the pack. in penn state, putting an administrative football coach on administrative leave. penn state officials announced mcqueary would miss saturday's game because of multiple threats. on this day in 1918, fighting in world war i stopped on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. hours earlier, germany signed an armistice agreement with the allies. a year later, president woodrow wilson proclaimed november 11, armistis day and congress made it official as a holiday. but in 1954, president eisenhower signed a bill changing it to veterans day to honor all troops from all wars from that day forward. but soldiers


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